Raw Food Portioning in Biodegradable Bags

How it works - we offer portioning of all Raw Dog Food in either Biodegradable Vacuum Seal Bags or Biodegradable Zip Lock bags. Both are eco-friendly and great for the plant. 

Minimum portion size is 200g. If you do not require portioning, your order will be placed into 1kg bags.

If your portioning amount does not go evenly into the amount you have ordered, we will round down to the nearest portion. We will not round up or provide split portions.

About the bags:

Vacuum Seal Bags: Econic Packaging

These vacuum bags have a high moisture barrier, and are ideal for freezing!

Econic provides similar functionality to traditional fossil fuel-based films with the added advantage of being compostable – making it the ideal environmentally-responsible packaging choice.

And they're all made in New Zealand! You can put your used Econic bags in your own home compost or worm farm.

ZipLock Bags: Biopak Packaging

Biopak offer sustainable food packaging supplies made from plants, not oil, for businesses who, like us, want to preserve and protect the environment for current and future generations.