Our meet-ups are back! Every weekend we will be hosting breed meet-ups from 11am - 1pm. Take a look at our upcoming events and be sure to book.

$10 booking/entry fee includes Pupcake and Dogachino for all meet-up breeds. Even if you choose for your dog not to enjoy a Pupcake and Dogachino, the entry fee still applies.

Booking fee is non-refundable 

All booking fees are non-refundable.

This deposit can be used as credit for food, drinks or anything purchased in our retail store on the day. It may not be used as a credit for online purchases.

Please note: The Birthday Party Booking is a deposit only and does not include a birthday cake.

Testi-bone-ials :)

Had my dogs 2nd bday there! Great variety of dog food. Great service and friendly staff! Will go there again

Dana E

It was our first time here. Customer service is amazing. The set up is great. The dogs had a great time. Will definitely be back soon

Rebecca M

Went there for my dog's birthday and had a awesome time! The food was great, both for humans and dogs. The dogs had a absolute blast and had so much fun. The environment was fantastic, lovely energy.