Melbournes First Cafe for Dogs!

We have created a destination that is centred around dogs, where hoomans are welcome.

Our retail space in Collingwood, has all the essentials when it comes to looking after your furbaby. We even make our own raw dog food fresh on-site, with a wide range of blends for your dogs needs.

To top it all off, out the back of our store is the off lead area where your dog can run around and make some furends while you sit back, and enjoy a some coffee and cake!

Every dog loves our treats!

We offer a wide range of delicious dehydrated treats in many different proteins.

Our treats are Australian made and single protein with no added colours or preservatives.

Only the best for your furry best friend!

* Lola gives the chicken wing tips a 10/10!

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Raw Dog Food Specialists

We firmly believe in feeding our dogs a balanced, fresh-food diet - full of nutrient dense wholefoods.

A raw food diet, especially the meals made here at Doghouse HQ, are jam-packed with goodness including muscle meats, offal, coconut oil, fruit and vegetables, ground bone/calcium powder etc. with different blends containing different add-ins (shark cartilage powder, green lipped mussel powder, chia seeds, turmeric, hemp seed meal, flaxseed oil and more!)

Our raw blends are mixed by hand and made with love - and best of all, they are made fresh daily!

We have a variety of different blends and proteins, so you’re sure to find something that your dog will love and thrive on!

Our very own range of beverages for dogs!

We are so excited to announce we are releasing our very own range of beer, wine & dogachinos for your pup!

Stay tuned for release dates!

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