Balanced Raw Food Blend - Sensitive

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Affordable Pet Mince (only) 

An easy to digest blend of premium whole-foods designed to assist your dog with allergies or sensitive tummies. This diet is suitable for short term use, however we do not recommend using it for a long period of time as it is missing certain vitamins and minerals.

Featuring any of our pet minces as the main source of protein with a variety of organ meats, we add in kale, sweet potato and zucchini to provide essential vitamins and minerals in a highly digestible grated form.

Chia seeds provide Omega-3 fatty acids, aid brain function, healthy joints and bones.

Coconut oil aids digestion, improves coat and skin, protects against illness and speeds healing.

Calcium is added to aid in the development and growth of strong, healthy bones and to support a healthy digestive system.

This blend is a good way of providing your dog with an easy to digest diet during flare ups of allergies or tummy problems.

* Chicken with crushed bone already contains an adequate level of calcium in the bone content, so no additional calcium is added.

If your dog doesn't eat raw food, all mince can be cooked with the exception of 'chicken with crushed bone'.

* Please let us know if your pet has any allergies or intolerances in the 'Order Comments' at checkout *


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Raw Food Portioning in Biodegradable Bags


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