Balanced Raw Food Blend - For Puppies

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A balanced blend of premium whole-foods designed to nurture the nutritional requirements of puppies from weaning to adulthood.

Featuring beef, turkey or chicken as the protein gentle enough for sensitive puppy tummies with a variety of organ meat; sardines are added for brain development, to boost immunity, increase dental health and develop muscles.

Chia seeds provide Omega-3 fatty acids, aid brain function, healthy joints and bones.

A pureed variety of vegetables and fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals that are easily digestible.

Bioavailable calcium and phosphorus specifically designed for puppies aids in the development and growth of strong, healthy bones and supports a healthy digestive system.

Coconut oil aids digestion, improves coat and skin, protects against illness and speeds healing.

Seaweed for amino acids and minerals to help balance energy levels, strengthen the immune system and improve coat & skin health.

This is a nutrient rich blend that is highly palatable, and a perfect way to provide your puppy with everything they need.

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