PULLER MAXI - Dog training tool

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One ring
SIZE: 30 cm x 7 cm

Puller MAXI- interactive dog play equipment / Dog Training Tool
Was developed by dog breeders to simplify dog training, and reach mutual understanding between the trainer and the dog.

Most of the problems faced by the dog owners, are:
- dogs excessive aggression;
- damaging of the furniture and other interior;
- disobedience;
- illness, including diseases of musculature system;
- obesity.

Most of those problems are caused mainly by one reason - lack of physical and psycho-emotional activity.
You will be surprised at how quickly, with regular exercises, the problems associated with your dog will fade away. Moreover, these exercises will develop all dogs muscle groups, and the dog will quickly improve physical condition and look just fine!

Key Features:
- LIGHT. PULLER maxi is made of high-purity polymer, which is very light, that allows even children to train a dog with it.
- FLOATING, the material allows PULLER to float.
- ODORLESS, it has no smell.
- DOESN’T INJURE the dog's teeth and gums, like most toys. The uniqueness of the material that dogs teeth gently bite through the material, but the shape and properties PULLER last for a long time. All the dogs love this feeling. This fact helped to teach a lot of dogs to fetch. Even after all the other ways have failed.

Interactive dog training device. Suitable for medium and large size dogs for play and training.

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