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Prime100 Turkey & Flaxseed Cooked Dog Roll 800g

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A Novel Protein diet containing only Turkey, Flaxseed, Tapioca, vitamins and minerals, salt and natural digestive enzymes. Recommended for all dogs with low to acute food allergies, completely balanced for adult dogs and puppies.<br><br>Made with 100% Whole Australian Turkey and 100% Australian Whole Ground Flaxseed, the Sk-G 200F Turkey &amp; Flaxseed roll provides a novel source of protein and a novel prebiotic and fibre from whole ground flaxseed. Whole turkey (meat and carcass) contains essential dietary elements including calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin, and EFAs - this means Turkey is an appropriate single protein diet for large dog breeds too.<br>Instead of using common fibres such as brans, cereals and other "fillers", Whole Ground Australian flaxseed assists a dog with improved digestion, healthy skin and coat, and can assist in the treatment of illnesses such as dermatitis, bowel obstructions, and internal and external inflammations.<br><br>Whole Ground Flaxseed's other health benefits come from the fact that it's high in Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as phytochemicals called lignans. Lignan benefits include: reduced rates of reproductive organ and colon cancer.<br>Scientifically formulated for puppies and active dogs, this roll provides a complete and balanced grain free and gluten free diet.<br><br>Benefits:<br>
<li>Grain Free and Gluten Free</li>
<li>High in Omega 3 &amp; 6</li>
<li>Added prebiotics for improved digestion</li>
<li>Good for active dogs and growing puppies</li>
<li>Helps improve the immune system</li>
<li>Great for a healthy skin and coat</li>

Also available in 2kg Roll

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