Prime 100

Prime 100 Dog Chicken and Vegetable Roll 3kg

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Keeping your dog in prime condition is as easy as filling their bowl with Prime 100.<br><br>Made right here in Australia, Prime 100 is simple, healthy dog food that’s filled with all-natural, totally fresh ingredients. And – maybe most importantly – dogs simply can’t resist it.<br><br>Easy to serve and store, Prime 100's selection of cooked food rolls contain a wealth of minerals, vitamins and so much more, all carefully selected to bring out the absolute best in your dog, one bowl at a time.<br>
<li>Made in Australia</li>
<li>Gluten and grain free</li>
<li>Suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds</li>
<li>Handy cooked roll is easy to serve and store in your refrigerator</li>
<li>Chicken and Vegetable roll is made with premium chicken, with added peas and carrots</li>

Also available in 1kg Roll

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