Why feed dogs raw food



This is probably the number one question we get asked - second only to “can dogs really eat raw chicken?” (the answer to that is a resounding YES*!)

The answer to the first question is a little more complicated. Why feed raw?

Let’s go back a few steps to the most common (and most popular) alternative to a raw diet - kibble, or dry food.

Kibble became popular around the early to mid 1900’s, because of a shortage of tin as it was being used for war weapons. The previously popular wet food (usually made with horse meat) wasn’t able to be stored in paper bags, so a dry food alternative was the replacement.

It was designed to be cheap, convenient and easy to store. It would last at room temperature for decades. While the quality is maybe slightly better these days, it is still a food of convenience. Would you buy yourself a ready-meal that would last at room temperature for 20 years?

Finally pet owners are asking the tough questions, and looking beyond the convenience of a few kilos of dry biscuits at the supermarket. We are looking beyond what has been the norm for so many years, and thinking about what our dogs deserve. About time!

Doctors are encouraging humans to eat a diet that is full of fresh ingredients, instead of heavily processed convenience meals. Why would anyone believe it is any different for our dogs?

There are SO many healthy, fresh-food options available for your dogs nowadays that we can forget the convenient kibble and canned foods.

Back to raw food.

A raw diet usually consists of muscle meat, organ meat/offal, whole or ground bones, raw eggs, fruits and vegetables, greek yoghurt, goat milk, kefir and much more! The sky's the limit with what you can add - just make sure you’re using dog-safe ingredients.

Dogs that eat a raw diet usually have healthier teeth and gums, a strengthened immune system, shiny coats and healthy skin, superior joint and bone health, etc. etc. etc.

There are SO many benefits to a raw diet, which are usually evident after just a couple of weeks of transitioning off processed dog food.

There’s more to a raw diet than just adding minced meat or a chicken breast to your dog's meal, but it can be a good starting point.

It can be very overwhelming to create your own balanced raw diet, because too much or too little of any ingredient can be problematic - which is why kibble and canned foods are so popular, all the hard work is done for you already! It's a scoop and serve situation.

Fortunately, we offer many different raw blends and BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) mixes in varying proteins that are completely balanced & ready to feed, and best of all - they’re made fresh daily!

We have blends for specific health requirements, such as a mobility mix (with shark cartilage and green lipped mussel powder), a sensitive mix (a fantastic way to start the journey to a raw diet), a digestive mix (with hemp seed meal, flaxseed oil and pumpkin), an all-rounder mix (perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages), a weight loss mix (for pudgy pooches), plus a puppy mix so you can start your new fur baby off with the best diet from the very start!

We can even portion these meals for you into more convenient serving sizes. We take all the hard work and stress out of feeding your dog, by providing quality meals at affordable prices, in a protein that your dog will love!

You can scoop and serve our raw blends, and know that you are doing the best thing for your dog's diet and overall health! You really won’t regret joining the fresh food revolution, and your dog will thank you for it too!

* Just make sure you handle the raw chicken (and any other raw meat) with the same care you would if you were going to eat it yourself.