WAUDOG NASA Collection Waterproof Dog Jacket/Coat

by WAU Dog

A NASA raincoat will protect your pet from dirt and rain. It provides the perfect combination of style and functionality, regardless of weather conditions. Light reflection takes effect immediately when struck by light.
It does not require special care. Perfect for dogs that like to stand out from the crowd.

WauDog Clothes Raincoat by NASA - it is a functional and stylish raincoat / suit. The minimalist, modern design was inspired by a sports style that combines aesthetics and functionality. The jacket is very comfortable and light. Dogs not only tolerate wearing it, they actually enjoy it. It is a multifunctional jacket with a zipper on the back.

Perfect for wet and cool autumn days.

The garment is also intended for active, sporting dogs that are constantly on the move even in bad weather.

The jacket is waterproof in ultra-light nylon fabric that is resistant to light and moisture.

Lycra trimmed on the edges prevents drafts and the escape of warm air from the inside of the vest. This shape provides full protection against rain and mud :-), while giving the dog the freedom to use its physiological needs

This is a All Season Jacket. Perfect for rainy, humid days.

We recommend wearing the collar or harness over the suit

Strong space effect!

Due to the well-thought-out design, we only need a few seconds to dress the dog.

Size Guide:

SIZE XS 22: a = 20-22cm b = 30-34cm c = 19-21cm

SIZE XS 25: a = 22-25cm b = 36-38cm c = 26-28cm

SIZE XS 30: a = 28-30cm b = 43-45cm c = 27-30cm

SIZE S 30: a = 27-30cm b = 57-59cm c = 44-46cm

SIZE S 32: a = 29-32cm b = 47-50cm c = 35-38cm

SIZE S 35: a = 32-35cm b = 47-51cm c = 35-39cm

SIZE S 40: a = 38-40cm b = 56-59cm c = 37-40cm

SIZE M 35: a = 32-35cm b = 59-62cm c = 37-40cm

SIZE M 45: a = 42-45cm b = 55-60cm c = 37-40cm

SIZE M 47: a = 44-47cm b = 69-72cm c = 47-50cm

SIZE L 50: a = 47-50cm b = 70-74cm c = 47-50cm

SIZE L 55: a = 52-55cm b = 77-79cm c = 50-55cm

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