Smart Pet ID Tag - Green Camo

by WAU Dog
Type: ID Tag
Main advantages:
  • Access to the multifunctional mobile app
  • ID Tag Scanning Notification
  • GPS data of the pet's location
  • Electronic storage of pet's document
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Silicone protective case


The ID tag is made of durable polymer-coated stainless steel, is practically weightless, and has a circular shape. High-quality printing with three layers of protection prevents abrasion, ensuring a clear image. A wide range of designs is offered during registration on the site. The ID tag is double-sided, it allows to concisely place design and QR code. By scanning the QR code, you are transferred to the mobile application. The application is multifunctional, here you can save your pet's passport, veterinary documents, set vaccination reminders, and receive cashback from purchases, etc. In case your pet is lost: as soon as the person who found the dog scans the QR code, you will immediately receive a notification with the dog's geolocation. The main purpose of the application is to ensure maximum safety of the animal and the peace of mind of the owner. More than 15 countries actively use the application.


The ID is made of polymer-coated stainless steel. The material is strong, resistant to damage, durable, and does not require maintenance expenses. Compared with an analog tag, it looks more modern due to high-quality color printing, an innovative digital solution in the form of a QR code, which stores full information about the pet and its owner. High-quality, 3-layer print adheres securely to the tag and prevents erasure. Ensures a clear image and 100% QR code readability. Stylishly and laconically designed is not just a decoration, but a digital information carrier.


The application makes it possible to fully complete the profile with all the necessary information about the pet. Moreover, the application has access to an international database, which allows you to register a chipped dog. An animal registration system that allows you to identify a particular dog among thousands around the world, a modern method to protect your animal from loss, theft, as well as for accurate identification during selling or crossing the border. With each filled line, you simplify the process of finding the owner. In addition, you can provide several owners and several phone numbers in the profile for greater confidence. Nutrition and health conditions will help the finder to keep the pet while you are searching.


How many devices were invented for human safety? For example, “Find My iPhone” or a GPS watch for the safety of a child. We were concerned about the safety of our four-paws friends, who need the benefits of a progressive society just as much as we do. In case of loss, the owner can file a wanted list, and the application will immediately notify you about the discovery of the pet. If someone scans the QR code of a lost dog, the owner will instantly be notified. This information reduces anxiety and gives confidence that the process has started and the pet will soon return home. Also, you receive a message with the exact coordinates of the pet geolocation, thanks to which you have a clear idea of ​​the whereabouts of the doggy. According to statistics, 85% of pets with QR passports return to their owners within 24 hours.


A multifunctional organizer that allows you to keep all documents digitized and structured, helps to effectively plan events in the pet's life, as well as saves money on purchases. The application allows you to store information about several pets at the same time, creating profiles of each separately. While filling out the profile, you indicate the passport of the dog, veterinary documents, and proof of vaccinations. Paper information is digitized and structured in the application. Allows you to permanently have access to all documents of the dog and use them at any time. Why should you keep everything in mind? If we have such a great time-management assistant. Here you can create reminders for vaccinations, schedule of veterinarian and groomer visits in the calendar. The app will help you save money. Scan the products and get cashback, feel free to dispose of the accumulated bonuses. A penny saved is a penny earned. Is that right?


The silicone protective case is practically invisible and does not blur the image on the tag. Due to the minimal thickness, the dimensions of the tag itself do not change, it does not become heavier. Thanks to the case, the tag becomes noiseless, does not ring, and does not create discomfort if the dog carries more than one tag at the same time. Protects the tag from chipping and damage. The silicone case helps to extend the life of the tag and maintain a presentable appearance, like a protective glass on your smartphone.

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