Dental Micro-Fleece Tooth Brush

Type: Dental Care
It intensively cleans the teeth while nourishing the gums and oral mucosa – thanks to the optimal ingredients. The oral flora is optimised and stabilised with a long-lasting effect. When used regularly, LILADENT DENTAL-CARE has a prophylactic effect against dental plaque, tartar and bad breath. It is neutral in odour and taste – making it well accepted by all pets. Excessive bacterial colonisation in the oral cavity and on teeth is thus prevented. LILADENT DENTAL-CARE makes a sustainable contribution to the health of your pet. The combination of ingredients developed by pharmacists and vets provides a highly effective balm which has been carefully processed to pharmaceutical standards.

Application: Apply the LILADENT MINERAL TOOTH CREAM thinly to a toothbrush, carefully lift your pet's lips and then gently massage the teeth and gums. A subsequent rinsing of the mouth is not necessary. To prevent plaque and tartar, use once a week, or once a day for acute plaque.

Hydrated silica is a trace element and has important building and supporting functions in the body, it protects and strengthens the teeth and supports the body's defense against the mucous membrane. As a cleaning body with mild abrasion effects, the silica cleans it effectively without damaging the tooth enamel.

Ingredients: Kaolin - a gently cleaning clay. Kaolin is very fine-grained and an excellent substitute for surfactants. Kaolin has a particularly high exchange capacity, which means that it has the ability to absorb dirt particles and excess fat like a blotter and make them rinsable. Carica Papaya Fruit Extract - the digestive enzyme papain contained in papaya is considered a stain-removing enzyme. It has a broad protein-splitting effect. It helps to loosen plaque gently and remove stains. Papain occurs naturally in a high concentration in the green skin and the seeds of the unripe fruit. Curcuma Longa Powder - Indian researchers recommend turmeric in dentistry. Turmeric is said to strengthen teeth and gums, make them more resistant and soothe. Cocos Nucifera Oil - gently cold-pressed organic coconut oil is primarily known for its nourishing and deodorising properties. Coconut oil forms a protective barrier. Together with turmeric, cocus oil is an insider tip for natural teeth whitening.

Made in Germany. Guaranteed Animal Cruelty Free. Sustainable and Certified.

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