Bell & Bone

Bell&Bone Chicken Mint & Seaweed Dental Dog Treats

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All dogs know that chicken is delicious. It’s also good for them, helping to promote good health and overall wellbeing. These tasty chicken dental sticks are packed with chewy goodness that’s designed to protect your dog’s oral health and remove plaque and tartar as they chew. Using only natural ingredients without any nasty grains or fillers, these dental sticks contain mint and parsley that freshens that not-so-fresh doggy breath

Dogs love the flavour and you’ll love what these tasty daily chews save you on avoidable doggy dental appointments.

  • Australian-made with all-natural ingredients
  • No grains or fillers
  • Remove plaque and tartar
  • Mint and parsley for fresh breath
  • Delicious chicken for good overall health

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