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Prime100 Wild Boar Dog Roll 2kg

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Single Protein Diet Sk-D200 Wild Boar and Pumpkin is a novel hypo allergenic Single Protein Diet made specifically for dogs with suspected food sensitivities, skin allergies/problems or digestion problems. Made with high grade cuts of Australian Wild Boar meat from northern Australia, with added whole pumpkin to improve digestion and urinary health in dogs of all life stages.<br><br>Benefits<br>
<li>Novel Protein</li>
<li>Grain Free and Gluten Free</li>
<li>Hypo allergenic formula</li>
<li>High in Omega 3 &amp; 6</li>
<li>Added prebiotics for improved digestion</li>
<li>Ideal for dogs with skin or digestion issues</li>
<li>Added pumpkin for improved digestion and urinary health</li>
<br>This diet can assist with diagnosing dogs with low to acute allergies, sensitivities or indications such as:<br>
<li>Food aversion</li>
<li>Food intolerance</li>
<li>and many other indications</li>
<br>Ideal for:<br>
<li>Dogs with acute gastrointestinal indications (IBD, colitis etc)</li>
<li>Weight management</li>
<li>Healthy bowel movements (i.e. helps alleviate constipation and diarrhoea)</li>
<li>Assists with urinary health</li>

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